The Fairways Magazine is distributed to thousands of golf courses and country clubs nationwide. This type of niche marketing allows our advertisers to reach consumers who have both the means and the motivation to purchase top quality goods and services. Our magazine is a full color, high resolution publication that features articles of interest to our affluent readers on topics such as golf news, Pro tips, local area activities, food recipes, health and wellness articles, fitness tips , PGA Tour Schedules and more.

Print advertising is a cost-effective, proven method that should be part of every company's marketing strategy. To highlight some of print advertising's advantages, consider the following:


Our magazine is a physical item that is usually referenced many times throughout the year.


Print is a medium that everyone is familiar with and it conveys a sense of legitimacy. The proliferation of spam and viruses on the web can make people wary of clicking on unsolicited Internet ads or unknown emails. Print advertising is a way to lead consumers directly to YOUR website.


Our award-winning graphics team will build you a custom ad using your established logo, colors and image. This will help foster increased brand recognition for your company. Ask about our NEW Complete Graphic Design Serivices!

Target marketing:

Placing an ad in a specialty magazine such as The Fairways Magazine will help you reach the demographic with the most interest in your product and the disposable income to purchase your goods and services.

QR codes:

Placing QR codes on printed pieces is an excellent way to bridge the gap between print and web. When scanned with a smartphone, the QR code will take a potential customer directly to your home page or special offer page on the web.

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